The Pink City Project

Some people crave art and the way it plays with our senses. There are many cities in India that are known for art, crafts & architecture — but none of them capture their essence in the serene way the Pink City does! Continue reading The Pink City Project


7 Minutes

I request you all to take out & minutes to travel to 7 different worlds. To listen to 7 different sounds. 7 different people. It was a college project by a friend and has now become a part of my life. I don’t know what these 7 people ae doing right now but I know … Continue reading 7 Minutes


For a long time now I’ve been hearing and reading about Baidu and wanted to know what is the meaning exactly. As soon as I finished reading, the first thing that popped into my head was “Tangled” The name Baidu is a quote from the last line of Xin Qiji‘s classical poem “Green Jade Table … Continue reading Baidu


In the popular book series “Harry Potter”, there is a fictional game by the name “Quidditch”. In that there is a “Seeker”, a person who is supposed to catch the snitch a Golden ball that spins and runs like the wind in mid-air, with the blink of an eye it disappears. Blink, is the name … Continue reading Connection